miércoles, noviembre 21, 2012

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Nintendo Wii U launched in the U.S.

Nintendo launched its latest console Wii in the U.S. on Sunday, the Nintendo Wii U, with prices starting at $ 299 for the entry model, but there is also a deluxe model that has greater storage capacity and comes with a Nintendo Game Land, and sold for $ s349 .99.

According to Fudzilla, who have spoken to a number of retailers, supplies are limited console at launch, though some retailers may have an extra stock during initial presales.

The Nintendo Wii U will require a software update to make it work as soon as you are out of the box, the update is large and apparently alrrededor delay of 30 minutes to download.

It will be interesting to see if Nintendo Wii U console becomes popular as its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii, was a huge success.