jueves, octubre 18, 2012

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Google publishes photos of their data centers

If you were wondering where the Internet, you will not have the exact answer, but if you know where is the corner of Google on the Internet. This week Google has launched not only a tour of Street View of their data center facilities, but an incredible collection of high-resolution photographs of the many places too. From Council Bluffs, Iowa to The Dalles, Oregon, you will see the inside of the beast. 

Of course, there is always the idea that everything is as TRON. Here we are given the true and detailed vision: the Google data centers are large masses of technology rooms perfectly located. Shelves and storage, metal, stone, and a chilled atmosphere to keep things safe. This is where your Gmail takes existence, this is where androids live, this is where Google's business exists in the virtual universe. 

Follow this link to find out the secrets that Google has chosen to reveal.