viernes, septiembre 07, 2012

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Windows Phone 8 have Nokia City Lens augmented reality

During an event of Nokia and Microsoft in New York, Nokia introduced and demonstrated his new feature City Lens, which has been built for use with Windows Phone 8 and uses Nokia Maps technology.
Nokia City Lens is a feature that is included in the new Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone, which has just been officially announced, and lets you get a glimpse of augmented reality city streets, on the screen of your Lumia 920.

Once powered Nokia City Lens superimposes information on the screen of Nokia when pointing your camera in the streets of the city. Thus, it provides easy access to more information on restaurants and places.
It is also able to provide detailed directions via Nokia Maps when walking. Watch for more information about City Lens function and see it in action. According to the Finnish brand "Nokia City Lens provides the most intuitive way to explore the world around them."