sábado, septiembre 01, 2012

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Sony introduces HX950 HDTV with Smart LED backlight

Sony has launched this week in Japan a new top-end HDTV, called Sony HX950 HDTV, which is equipped with backlight "Intelligent Peak LED", and takes the highest place in offering Sony HDTV over previously published HX929/920 .

The new Sony HX950 is available in two sizes, either 55-inch or 65-inch version, and both are equipped with the new Intelligent Peak LED backlit Sony.

However, very few details are available at the time of how the aforementioned LED backlight technology really works or improvement HDTV image. However, it is believed that the new technology is an array of LED backlight and not the traditional type "Edge LED", but the details and the number of areas are still secret.

Unfortunately no information on pricing or worldwide availability as yet, but an online retailer has listed the new HDTVs at $ s3, and $ 499 for models s5.499 of 55 and 65 inches respectively.