sábado, septiembre 01, 2012

Google+ Follows Facebook: Rolls Out Birthday Reminders

From the day of its inception Google+ has been chalking out ways to enhance its relationship with its users. Over the period the team behind Google+ has been closely following facebook and sometimes providing features introduced by it. In a recent development Google+ has introduced birthday reminders for its users. The reminder will appear on the right side of the main Google search page when someone on your friends list is celebrating their birthday.
The birthday reminder feature also allows you to share a photo, video, message etc with the person celebrating his special day. Similar feature was introduced previously by facebook which showed a notification about birthdays on the right side of the profile page.
Controlling the notifications
Google also has transferred the control to user’s hands for choosing who can view their birthday notifications in Google+. To activate the birthday reminder in Google+, you can access your profile page and click on the button titled ‘Edit profile’. You will be able to see an option to set your birthday and an option to set who else from your friends list can see it. Google had recently rolled out the birthday update tool to Google+ users and the new reminder feature is a follow up to that.
This new feature can be considered as a healthy sign towards Google’s progress to make its social network more interactive and user friendly. Google is hopeful that by taking such small steps they will be able to overpower the monopoly of facebook over a period of time.