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Aliens New Trailer: Colonial Marines Reveals Multiplayer Gameplay

A new trailer has arrived for Aliens: Colonial Marines, an upcoming first person shooter game from Gearbox. The game that was supposed to be released in 2012 got delayed and is now expecting to be released on Feb 12, 2013. Aliens: Colonial Marines is based on much acclaimed ‘Alien’ movies by Ridley Scott. The game is being presented as an apt sequel for the Aliens franchise. The new trailer showcases a multiplayer game mode called Escape.
Escape mode and characters
The Escape game mode at a first glance looks very much similar to the Versus mode from Left 4 dead games. Four players take up the role of Marines and their mission is to escape from a facility whereas four other players take up the role of Aliens called Xenomorphs. The main objective of Xenomorphs is to kill the Marines. The trailer also reveals some of the other characters like Xeno lurker, who attacks Marines by hiding in shadows and Xeno spitter who can spit out venomous acid on the ground where marines are standing. With all these new characters, the game promises an engaging game play.
Single player game play
Coming to the single player game mode, gamers will be able to play the role of a US Colonial Marine who investigates what happened to Ellen Ripley and other survivors who escaped in the movie. The player will find himself travelling across various locations that were part of the movie which includes Hadley’s Hope colon, U.S.S Sulaco and few others.
The game will also feature weapons that were part of the movies along with a range of new weapons. A squad based combat system will be followed in the game. Gamers can pursue campaigns either individually or can play a 4 player co-op game play with friends.
The company sources justified the delay saying that they did not want to disturb the creative process, thus giving more time to developers for making the game more engaging. They claimed that extra time has helped their team to add more fun and adventure to the game.