jueves, septiembre 06, 2012

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1.3 million Android devices being activated per day

There seems to be no end for Android devices boom across the international smartphone and tablet market segment. The recent Motorola Press event brought in some numbers in to play when the Google Chairman disclosed the total number of Android devices being activated on a daily basis across the world. The announcement by Eric Schmidt who is the Google executive Chairman was the center of attraction in the press event. 

Google Chairman announced that the total number of Android devices activated daily is estimated to be roughly 1.3 million units as compared to 1 million units which was the official figure when it was announced way back in June during the Google I/O event. He also stated that the total number of Android tablets being activated stands at 70,000 out of the total 1.3 million units. There is also a significant increase in the total number of Android devices sold so far. The figure as of now is estimated to be 480 million units so far compared to 400 million units, when it was announced way back at Google I/O in June. 

The press event also witnessed Google Chairman announcing the importance of Moto Mobility in the growing Android ecosystem. He also emphasized the need to be more competitive in the emerging Android ecosystem. Motorola’s ‘On-Display’ event witnessed participation from many industry analysts from across the globe. 

Many of the top manufacturers other than Apple use Android operating system which is powering their tablets and smartphones. The most popular Android operating system released to date areAndroid 4.0 ICS and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. Google already has a list of Android supported devices and its manufacturers. They have launched Google Play Store application too where Android users can download some of the popular apps and games