miércoles, agosto 29, 2012

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Samsung Galaxy S3: Brown, Red, Black and Grey Colors of the Handset Confirmed

Following the successful launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Electronics extends the handset’s range through a new collection of colours for this human-centric smartphone. The new colours take their inspiration from the Earth’s richest materials: Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Sapphire Black and Titanium Grey.

Elegant, intelligent and stylish, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is designed for humans and inspired by nature. This design ethos is brought to life through the new colour variants, which are all derived from man’s relationship with natural materials and perfectly compliment the handset’s organic experience. The phone adopts a pure and clear material called Hyperglaze on the back cover casing. The material’s rich properties underneath create the illusion of dual colours, adding depth to the design as well as elevating the phone’s aesthetic look.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts a carefully crafted organic appearance with gently curved lines and clean, soft features which are accentuated by these latest colour options on the following pages.