miércoles, marzo 09, 2011

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Twitter Updates iPhone App

Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of previously happy Twitter for iPhone users swept into a bit of frenzy when Twitter recently updated their iPhone app to include a "Quick Bar". The Quick Bar displayed those trend things within your timeline.
The most infuriating thing about this bar is that it's not opt-out. You can't disable nonsensical trends that you don't really care about from popping up every few seconds on your screen.
The bar soon became known as the "Dick Bar", because.... well... it was a dicky feature to include. Who cares about trends when all you want to do on Twitter is keep up with your friends and Charlie Sheen?
The Dick Bar was far from winning.
Twitter today released an update to Twitter for iPhone and have made the Quick Bar a little less annoying. The Quick Bar is still a forced feature but it no longer stays within your view when you scroll up and down your timeline. The only place you will see the Quick Bar is at the very top of your timeline.
Phew! I didn't expect the Twitter guys to back down on the Quick Bar. We're lucky they have the sense to revamp this feature.