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Adobe Releases Flash Player 10.3 Beta, Includes Preference Panel

If you're one of the ever-narrowing population of people that haven't yet given up on Adobe's Flash technology, you may be interested to know that Adobe has released a new beta of Flash Player 10.3. The new beta brings a Mac preference pane that allows you to change Flash player's settings, or even flush out the cache. You can even tweak camera settings on a site-by-site basis. It also includes similar preferences for other supported operating systems.
Between this and Adobe's recent announcement of a Flash to HTML converter, it seems like Adobe's desperately trying to make up with Apple (or at least their user base). The real question is: Will it work? My take? Probably not. It's a classic case of far too little coming far too late. Flash has died, Adobe. Please move on to something more productive than trying to scrape the last bits of meat from Flash's dead carcass.
If you want to take Flash Player 10.3 Beta for a spin, you can grab it for Mac here.